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Long base vase with lilies and roses

Size : 30 cm Width , 100 cm Height


Different events happen very quickly in the life of each of us. The good days and the bad days are not permanent, and we must remember that the days of life are like a box full of different chocolates, so we never know what tomorrow may bring to us. It is important to be fully prepared for anything at the time of each of these events.

Whether we like it or not, difficulties and bitter days will happen to friends, loved ones, and those we adore, and our role in those days is to accompany and sympathize with these people. A beautiful, soothing, and luxurious vase in this position can show its value. Imagine how relieved a mourner would be to see a bouquet of flowers that look peaceful. This beautiful product, which is consisted of a tall cherry vase with white lilies and orange roses, is used in both condolences and weddings.

The white lily flower is a symbol of purity, decency, dignity, and innocence. White lilies are used for both wedding flowers and wreaths. The combination of white lilies with roses offers a feeling of calm combined with a wish for happiness and well-being. With this vase, show that you are with your loved ones both in joy and in grief.


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