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Do you want to send flowers to your loved ones in Iran but don’t know where to start? Ordering and sending flowers and gifts from Canada to Iran is now easier than ever. There are different flower baskets and bouquets on this page of the Palizgol online store. By choosing the desired product, you can send a bouquet to Iran precisely like the photo on the site and in the shortest possible time.

The different products you see on this page have a great variety. We have provided unique products for different situations. There are various products like birthday greetings, expressions of sympathy, celebrations, and anniversaries. Flower baskets, bouquets, and vases are prepared with the most beautiful fresh flowers and first-class materials.

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What to know before buying a flower?

What to know before buying a flower?

Buying flowers online, especially if it is to be sent to another country, may seem like it takes a lot of work. First of all, we assure you that our colleagues at the Palizgol store carry out all the steps related to designing and delivering the products with the utmost care. Our experienced professionals decorate the products customers choose precisely like the item image. Also, sending cargo to Iran is done in the fastest and safest way possible.

But to buy flowers online, there are specific points that you should know. Consider certain things even if you want to go to a store to buy a rose branch. Plants are exceptionally delicate, and you should consider various points when buying and maintaining them. Also, before purchasing a plant, you must have decided for what occasion you want it. In the following, we reviewed some points you should know before buying flowers.

1- Buy flowers according to the occasion

If you want to order a plant or flower for someone else, you must specify the gift-giving occasion. Colorful flowers symbolize different concepts in life. Some flowers are suitable for anniversaries or birthdays, and others are considered the best to express sympathy and support. For example, a rose symbolizes love and is the best choice for a wedding or friendship anniversary.

2- Buy flowers according to the season

The delicacy of plants makes them very sensitive to environmental conditions such as air temperature. You should buy flowers and plants online knowing the season. For example, if you are in the spring season, it is better to buy a spring flower because you will be sure that the flowers and blossoms are entirely fresh. Also, seasonal flowers are abundant in their particular season, which affects the price of the gift.

3- When buying bouquets online, read the product specifications carefully

When shopping online, there is no longer a salesperson to explain each product to you. To experience the best purchase, you must consider the product specifications. Don’t choose a bouquet of flowers or a houseplant just based on how it looks in the photo. A professional online store like Palizgol provides complete explanations in the product specification section so the user can choose the best flower.

4- Make sure of flower delivery

When buying flowers and sending them to Iran, delivery and delivery methods are the most important. Many people like to surprise the recipient of flowers and their loved ones, so a good store should be able to deliver the product to the recipient on time and with a suitable package.

When should you buy a flower plant?

When should you buy a flower plant?

Gifting and donating flowers and plants to others has been done since ancient times in human history. Ancient Greeks and Iranians gave flowers to their loved ones on different occasions. Buying flower plants for occasions like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is one of the best ways to be with others. Flowers are metaphors for different human emotions and can be used in different situations.

Iranians also give flowers to each other for special occasions such as Yalda night or Nowruz, in addition to typical celebrations and ceremonies such as wedding anniversaries or birthdays. Palizgol store offers different products for different situations. By preparing any kind of product, you can prove your companionship and support to your loved ones in different life situations. We have reviewed some suitable occasions to buy flowers and create a lovely memory for others.

1- anniversary flowers

Couples usually celebrate the anniversary of their love life by giving flowers. Prove your love for your beloved by buying bouquets made of colorful and bright flowers. The Red rose is one of the best flowers for wedding anniversaries and relationships. A basket of red roses will be the most attractive gift, even on Valentine’s Day.

2- birthday flowers

A birthday is the most special day of the year for every person. You can surprise an old friend, colleague, or family member by sending a flower to Iran on his birthday. Iranians abroad can give an unforgettable gift to their loved ones by buying birthday flowers and sending them on the specified day.

3- thank you, flowers

Undoubtedly, we all have people in our lives to whom we owe. Those who have made a lot of sacrifices for us, like parents, deserve to be appreciated. Also, you should not forget the people who have always helped us. Sending a thank you flower can show our appreciation and gratitude.

4- sympathy flowers

Happiness and sadness are two inevitable sides of life. Just as we are all happy during celebrations such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, or New Year, there are also failures and bitter days. Even on bad days, flowers can soothe the sadness of our loved ones.

What kind of flowers can be ordered for Iran?

What kind of flowers can be ordered for Iran?

You definitely don’t want to send just one flower to Iran. Of course, this does not mean that the flower branch has no beauty. But by buying and sending a bouquet or vase, you will make a unique memory of the variety. A combination of roses, irises, and sunflowers in red, pink, yellow, and orange colors creates a beautiful image. Palizgol store offers different types of bouquets for order:

  • Arrangements
  • Bouquets
  • Baskets
  • Boxes
  • Exotics
  • Large arrangements
  • Plants

A different number of flower branches are placed in each type of product. You will usually find the most flowers in large arrangements. Each of these products is clearly different from the others in terms of design. Flower baskets and boxes typically have a simple and intimate design. To give a luxury and large product as a gift, you should go for bouquets and arrangements. Exotic flowers and home plants will also be unforgettable gifts for Iranians.

Palizgol, your companion for sending different types of flowers to Iran

In today’s world, the distance between people is increasing daily. Even members of the same family may live in several other countries. Palizgol store allows you to show your love, appreciation, and support to your loved ones in Iran by buying a bouquet, box, or house plant.