About Us

The delicacy and beauty of flowers have made these creatures an exceptional gift.

Palizgol Flower Shop, which was opened about 4 decades ago, knows the beauty of flowers well and helps you to send lasting gifts to your loved ones in Iran.

Palizgol products include flower bouquets, vases, baskets, and miniature and houseplants that will cover all tastes.

We have also prepared memorable gifts for occasions such as Father’s or Mother’s Day, Birthday, Appreciation, Sympathy, or even Valentine’s Day.

Our colleagues have years of experience decorating flowers and sending them From Iran to other countries and vice versa.

Our products are exactly like the order, and without the slightest damage or change will reach your loved ones as soon as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you want to send beautiful flowers to your family, an old friend, or your lover; Palizgol is by your side to create a beautiful memory of yourself in the minds of your loved ones with a wonderful gift.

We do respect our customers and their orderness, and try to satisfy them. We also respect our personnel who do their best in their job. All of these, are the secret of our successfulness in our job.