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Giving and receiving gifts is one of the oldest rituals in the history of Iran. Iranian people give gifts to each other on different occasions, such as New Year or birthdays. But can Parsis abroad also send gifts to Iran? Maybe until a few years ago, it was not easy to surprise one of our loved ones in Iran and send him a gift on a particular date. But with the help of experienced and professional staff, the store sends all kinds of gifts to Iran.

The gifts in the store include various products. You can choose any of these different products. For example, all kinds of cakes and chocolates, books, and even teddy bears are among the gifts in the Palizgol online store. You can send these gifts and a personal message to the person you want in Iran.

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How to choose the best gift for others?

How to choose the best gift for others?

Giving gifts to others is a beautiful thing. Giving a gift to your loved ones shows that you remember them and that they are important to you. However, it is better to be careful in choosing a gift. The purpose of offering a gift is not only the spiritual value but to respect the interest of others and show that you know the taste and needs of your loved ones.

That’s why giving cash as a gift is not so cool. By presenting an attractive and lovely gift to family members, friends or colleagues, we show how meaningful their interests are to us. But now the question may arise, how to choose the best gift for others? We don’t want to give something to others that will become repetitive after a while. For this reason, paying attention to several points when buying a gift is better.

1- Pay attention to the age and gender of the recipient of the gift

The selected gift must match the characteristics of the person we are looking for. Features such as age and gender affect people’s moods and interests. For this reason, the choice of gift should also be made based on this. For example, a toy car is a good choice if you want to choose a gift for your brother’s birthday.

But a toy would not be a good choice as a Mother’s Day gift. A bouquet of lilies is a beautiful gift for your mother. If you want to give flowers to others, choose the flower color based on their gender and age. Of course, when choosing a gift based on age and gender, you should not get too involved in stereotypes. In fact, everyone has a different mentality.

2- Consider the interests and needs of others

Every person has his own spirit. Maybe you have seen that sometimes a little girl likes boys’ toys. Or that the big man can be made happy by giving him a gift like a video game. So, in choosing a gift for others, it is better to pay attention to their interests. If you buy a gift for one of your family members in Iran, it is easy to know their taste.

Get enough information for a colleague or a person whose interests you need to become more familiar with by researching the social network account or asking others. Apart from interest, consider the needs of others when choosing and buying the best gift.

3- Pay attention to the wish lists of your favorite people

In some cases, others make it easier for you to buy and choose gifts. We all have wish lists and favorite things that we sometimes share with others. If you are familiar with the wish lists of those around you, do not hesitate to prepare them.

What gifts can be sent to Iran?

What gifts can be sent to Iran?

Palizgol store has made it possible to send various products as gifts to Iran. Any of the products you choose will be exactly the same as the picture and will reach the recipient in Iran with the highest quality. The gifts available in the store so far are:

1- books

One of the best things that can be gifted to others is a book. A book as a gift is definitely a good choice because it will entertain others and increase their awareness. Choosing the type of book should also be done according to interests; Some like novels, and others like historical or philosophical books.

2- cakes & chocolates

It may not be everyone’s favorite book, but who doesn’t like a cheesecake or a packet of chocolates? Different types of cakes and chocolates are good gifts for birthday parties and wedding anniversaries. If you are far from Iran, you may not be able to attend the celebrations, but by sending cakes and chocolates to Iran, you prove your closeness with your loved ones.

3- teddy bear

Teddy bear is one of the most popular gifts that are popular not only for Iranians but also for the whole world. For this reason, teddy bears are considered a good gift. A teddy bear is regarded as a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day.

4- flowers

Flowers are a wonderful gift for anyone and on any occasion. Even the combination of the above gifts, a bouquet of flowers, and a personal message can create an indescribable memory for our loved ones. For example, a box of red roses, chocolates, a romance book, and a teddy bear is a wonderful gifts for a couple’s anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

When can you give gifts to others?

When can you give gifts to others?

There are different days and events in the year that Iranians celebrate and give gifts to each other. By ordering various gifts and sending them to Iran, you can celebrate these events without being with your loved ones. We review some of the best gift-giving opportunities below.

1- Birthday

Everyone’s birthday is the most special day they look forward to in the year. If you cannot be with your loved ones on their birthday, send them a gift, like a birthday cake.

2- Father’s or Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is an excuse to appreciate the efforts they have made for us. A bouquet of flowers or a book can be an excellent choice to appreciate them.

3- Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day

Undoubtedly, in any relationship, you can give warmth to that connection by giving a gift. On Valentine’s Day or on the anniversary of your acquaintance, give gifts such as chocolates or teddy bears to your lover.

Palizgol helps you send memorable gifts to Iran

Sometimes we may be far away from our loved ones and cannot spend happy moments with them. In such a situation, we can remind our friends, family or lover how important they are to us by just buying a simple gift. Palizgol online store is with you to send different gifts to your loved ones in Iran as soon as possible.