Our rules

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your and recipient’s satisfaction.

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible through

filling and sending the Dissatisfaction announcement form. We understand the feelings of the one

who is sending a gift for his/her beloved person and we want no one be dissatisfaction with our

work. Rest assured that we do our best to satisfy our clients.

In addition, if there is any problem with the forwarded gift, the recipient can return it and ask us to

change it based on her/his wish.

Your privacy

We keep all personal information you provide us while shopping or for registration and membership,

as a secret to us. They will never be given to any third parties.

Secure shopping

There are special techniques for security in payment, financial affairs and information through

internet. Also there are companies who take care of this security during any payment or financial

process. Almost all online payments which are done by customers of thousands of web sites as well

as shops and stores, are made by these companies which are quite reliable, trusty, and provide

safest payment option for millions of customers around the world.

We work with leading providers of payment processing and merchant services, so your shopping in

our site will be quite safe and secure.

Remember that while shopping from us, we don’t see your credit card information.

Your credit card details will be checked by Card processing company (Merchant Service) and your

payment will be processed through their international payment processors.

Payment Options

We accept credit cards .

All major credit cards including Visa and Master Card are accepted.

If you have any problem with these 2 payment options, please contact us for a suitable solution.

Also you have this opportunity to have a deposit in advance for your prompt or phone orders. Be sure

that your deposit is refundable as you require.

( We will announce remaining of your deposit after any purchase.)

Please remember that we can deliver your order only after confirming that we have received the



always your payment for your canceled order, remaining amount of your modified order or your

deposit is refundable.

In cancellation form (or modification form ) of order, you define whether you desire to take your

payment back or you prefer to use it in your future order.

We’ll contact you in the case of refunding for the best possible way.

Normally, a credit will be issued towards your credit card ( if your purchase has done by credit card.)

Flowers delivery to all over Iran

All the cities We cover the entire country. A great number of florists in almost all the cities are ready to take care of your orders as our representatives. If there is no flower shop in a town, your orders will be sent by a florist of nearest city. Notes: 1 – Unlike Tehran in which you can find any kinds of flowers, plants, baskets and other flower containers available in the country, there are limitations in other town and cities. The scale of limitation of options depends on the size of the town and its distance from Tehran. The best option – that we strongly recommend – is that you ask a good selection by the florist for a certain considered amount you want to spend. 2 – The pictures shown in our site will be available in Tehran only. Transferring your orders to our representative florists in other cities , we give all the necessary information to them, but if some flower or container is not available there, they use the most similar item available as a substitution. For the cities which are not more than 200 Km. far from Tehran, we can send orders including big baskets directly from Tehran. Though in such a case, delivery charge is much higher than usual, please contact us in advance for more information.

Substitution Policy

We do our best to deliver what you have ordered (Just the same as selected picture – if not nicer. ) In some cases, the exact kind of basket, container or the same color of flower may not be available, or some flowers do not exist in that season. In that case, we use the similar basket, container or flowers, and the utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item. Note : – If you emphasize on a particular flower or color , please explain it to us. If there would be any problem , we inform you to have your comment. Please consider that there is not plenty of various flowers, basket and other container, in other cities rather than Tehran, (specially in small towns), so orders may have some changes.