Colorful Flowers


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Glass vase with spring flowers of clove, chrysanthemum, Alstroemeria

Size : 30 cm Width , 60 cm Height


After a busy work week, exhaustion will take over your whole being, or on the first morning of the week when you have to do different things, you will need a natural motive to get things done. But in the meantime, colors have the ability to revitalize our lives and give us the energy we need to get things done and get through the difficult stages of life. But what can best portray a wide range of colors?

A vase that has several different types of flowers and displays different colors like a rainbow on a pleasant spring morning is the best way to change the mood of an old friend. The cheerful and colorful combination of flowers used in this vase blows everyone’s intelligence. Our eyes will never get tired of watching this vivid rainbow, and our brains will release the hormones of happiness throughout the body after receiving the dazzling colors of this vase.

This glass vase contains miniature carnation flowers, Alstroemeria, miniature chrysanthemums, irises, as well as a number of wildflowers. By giving this vase as a gift to an old friend, repaint his life and give him happiness.


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