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Ceramic vase with 30 red roses

Size : 30 cm Width , 50 cm Height



Love is probably not only the purest feeling that a human being can experience in his life, but the love of the lover is the highest form of passion and affection between human beings. You may have heard that everyone will experience true love only once in their lifetime. According to these theories, it is necessary to find the best way to express this love, which is a special moment for every person.

On the other hand, the red rose has always been a reminder of the lover’s desire for the beloved. The appearance of this flower, its perfume, and bright color will bring special excitement to the recipient. This stylish and beautiful ceramic vase with 40 red rose branches inside will express your love to your loved one in the most luxurious form possible.

The number of roses given to a person has a special meaning. For example, a rose branch expresses love at first sight, and four rose branches mean that nothing can separate you from your love. But in this product, there are 40 rose branches, which means that your love is completely real. Give this vase as a gift to express love to your spouse or congratulations on your wedding anniversary so that the foundations of your life together become stronger.


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