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Glass cube vase with 16 red roses

Size : 20 cm Width , 30 cm Height


It can be said that love is the highest kind of human feeling. If love is real, it extracts a feeling in man that can not be found in any other state. A lovely relationship that ends well will be doubly enjoyable. But as much as love is an extraordinary feeling for a human being, it will be difficult for another person to express it. In the meantime, we can use something to make it easier for us to express our feelings.

The red rose has long been a constant friend and helper of lovers and a constant source of romantic appointments and gifts for couples. Whether you are on a romantic date, visiting Valentine’s on Valentine’s Day, or dancing and dancing at a wedding anniversary party, the red rose will also see the love between you. The glass cube vase of this product with 16 branches of red roses is one of the best gifts from the lover to his mistress.

Red roses have been a symbol of romantic love since ancient Greece, but the interesting thing is the special meaning of the number of roses. If you give 16 red roses to someone, it means that it is very difficult for you to say goodbye and leave. In other words, if you do not want or can not express the end of your relationship, give 16 roses as a gift to your love.

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