Vase of Red Roses


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Glass vase contains 20 red roses

Size : 35 cm Width , 40 cm Height

Ar003 – Jennifer

There are different color roses and they all have different symbols separately. The red rose symbolizes love and romance. Red roses are commonly being gifted on birthdays, valentine’s day, and other occasions, and girls tend to love the red roses more as it seems.

A bouquet of roses in a classic glass vase is a very modern and amazing way to surprise the person that you desire. For generations, the red roses have been captured by the lovers.

When you send roses, you don’t only send a simple bouquet, but you send love, affection, and care though you are far from the person that you desire to send. It can bring a smile to the face, make the house look beautiful and the fragrance is going to be spread throughout the house. Is there anything better and more romantic compared to this?

As soon as you order, we will deliver the vase of the roses to the address mentioned. There is nothing to worry about as we promise on-time delivery and fresh flowers. If you need to send a wish card as well, we can do that on behalf of you with pleasure.

Your trust and satisfaction are the goals for us.


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