Vase Of Lilly


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Cylindrical vase with lilies and Alstroemeria flowers

Size : 20 cm Width , 60 cm Height


There are many ways to express happiness and well-being to others. Precious and decorative gifts are a good option, but how much better to do it with a beautiful vase. What could be better than flowers to use our heartfelt kindness for our loved ones? The day will come when ornaments will lose their freshness, but the memory of a sweet-smelling and beautiful vase will forever remain in everyone’s memory.

For a friend’s birthday, wedding, or congratulations on career advancement, happy, colorful flowers are the best option. A happy bouquet can deliver your positive energy and good intentions to your loved ones quite clearly. This product, which has a cylindrical vase, contains a wonderful combination of Alstroemeria flowers and pink lilies.

Lilium flowers are generally used to create positive energy, and in this vase, pink lilies are a symbol of happiness and joy. Pink lilies are the best choice for a wedding. Combining it with white alstroemeria, which is a durable flower that shows purity and innocence, will create a sense of excitement and joy in the recipient of this vase.


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