Red Roses Box


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Wooden box with red roses

Size : 10 cm Width , 10 cm Height


We humans sometimes like to complicate things, but there are simpler ways to do everything. You may be surprised, but expressing interest in another person is also included in this matter. It is not necessary to send our meaning to our lover with complicated words, but it is enough to express the words of our hearts as simply as possible because what comes from the heart will go to the heart.

Giving a gift will definitely have a positive effect when expressing love, but should it be done in a glamorous way? A simple but romantic vase can also prove our heartfelt intentions to the recipient of the vase. On the other hand, the relationship between lover and lover has long been tied to roses. As you can see in the picture of this product, six red roses are placed in a lovely wooden vase in the best possible way so that you can impress the person in front of you as easily as possible.

As you probably know, the red rose is a constant symbol of heartfelt love and affection. But what should be noted is the importance of the number of roses in each bouquet. The number of roses has a special meaning and in this wooden vase, six roses mean that your interest in the other person is serious and you intend to take your relationship to a new stage.


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