Fantasy Box(wonderful decoration)


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Round box with spring chrysanthemums, miniature roses and cloves

Size : 30 cm Width , 40 cm Height

BX010 – Joanna

Just imagine being lucky enough to receive a box filled with colorful flowers. The

happiness and the joy are beyond compare. The second amazing feeling is having

the box of the flower in your house in a corner or even on the table. The smell and

fragrance of the flowers will be spread all over the house, the beauty and the glam

it will give to the house atmosphere. It is a magical scene and experience.

Now consider all this before sending your dear ones the box of the glamorous

Joanna which consists of a round box filled with spring chrysanthemums as well as

cloves along with beautiful miniature roses. The beauty is magnificent and the

feeling is heavenly.

Send your loved ones this beautiful box on any occasion that you desire. The

beauty and the glam of the box are way greater than any other gift you can think

of. As seen in the picture, the flowers are colorful and fresh, decorated in a great

manner for you.

Order this heavenly beauty and provide your loved ones a blessed feeling and

happiness. Flowers are the language of love and care; this is why it is given on any


Why hesitate when the happiness of someone is in your hands?


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