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Ceramic vase contains 12 red roses with a bear

Size : 20 cm Width , 30 cm Height


Giving gifts and receiving them is a long-standing tradition among lovers. Sometimes expressing love and affection through words alone is not enough. Especially for women, receiving a bouquet of flowers from their lover can strengthen their relationship. Since the old times and in different countries, Valentine’s Day has been one of the most important days in relationships between two lovers. Roses have long been associated with this day and are an integral part of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gifts should not be a precious object or given to a loved one during a crowded and glamorous ceremony. A few branches of red roses will be enough to express love and strengthen the emotional bond between a couple. The product you see in the picture is the best possible gift for Valentine’s Day. This ceramic vase, which consists of twelve branches of red roses, has a bear doll on the front. Of course, it is better than giving and receiving gifts among lovers is not limited to Valentine’s Day!

The rose is a symbol of sincere love and has always been considered a romantic gift throughout history. What matters is the number of roses in a vase, where twelve rose branches mean that you want the recipient to be yours forever.


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