Lily & Rose Arrangement


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Cylindrical vase with lilies and red roses

Size : 50 cm Width , 100 cm Height


Well-wishings on the achievement of friends and colleagues in the field of business, such as opening a new branch of business are very important. Also for celebrations, a luxurious vase can send your goodwill in the best possible way. When you congratulate your friends and loved ones on their success and happiness, by giving them gifts, this will not only linger in their memory for a long time but will also establish and strengthen the relationship between you.

Choosing a fairly large vase as a gift to congratulate friends and acquaintances on achievements is the best possible decision. In this cylindrical vase, a few branches of white Lilium flowers attract everyone’s attention. White lilies are a sign of sincere and pure interest. The presence of lilies can also indicate your desire for blessings and abundance for others. The presence of red roses in the vase causes your love and affection to be transferred to the recipient in addition to goodwill.

Giving this stylish and luxurious product, which is filled with a spectacular combination of lilies and red roses, not only conveys your congratulatory message to your friends about their achievements but also shows that you will always remember them and your interest in those who are present in your heart. No particles have been reduced.


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