Bq026 - Larisa

Status: Available
Bq026 - Larisa

Two red rose branches with elaborate decoration

Size : 10 cm Width , 30 cm Height




Bq026 –Larisa


Roses are considered to be very beautiful and classic and they have been captivating people for almost centuries so far. Rose has been considered to be romantic and a lot of poets and writers have referred to roses and wrote beautiful lines about the beauty and the glam of the rose. Roses are like humans. They too go through a specific lifecycle of growth, pruning, and even the rough winter which normally leaves us. What matters is that in the end we also regrow like the roses and prosper again.

Give your loved ones the smile and feeling of being loved through the red roses and let them grow, and bloom just like them.

Love is unconditional and time is less. So give love and happiness as much as you can since no one knows what tomorrow got for all of us. A single moment of happiness is worth thousands of words.

The roses will be delivered to your loved ones on the desired day and date and they are fresh.

The dream about a garden filled with roses is still a dream for all. So send this bouquet of roses that are filled with beauty and love and make a part of the dream come true.


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