Bq010 - Caroline

Status: Available
Bq010 - Caroline

Bouquet with 15 branches of colored roses

Size : 20 cm Width , 45 cm Height

Bq010 – Caroline

If unlimited happiness and smile had a face it would be just like the beauty of this


It is said that the combination of red and yellow along with light pink roses is

certainly capable of spreading love, joy, and happiness horizontally. The colors of

roses each have a different meaning to them, but the yellow and the red rose, even

if combined they mean love, friendship, and even celebration.

How amazing right? China was the first that introduced the modern red rose to

Europe back in the year 1800s, and followed by this, the yellow roses were

actually found growing in the middle eastern parts and later they were brought to

the world back again in the 18


century. Wow, for three centuries the roses are

serving humans and they act as a gift and a great means to make someone happy.

This beautiful bouquet of colorful roses is a great way to be used for different

occasions. On the other hand, considering the pink roses, they have the longest

history as compared to any other rose available today. The shades of pink roses

have different meanings and they symbolize different things but here, the bouquet

can be a great way to express love, emotions, and even happiness.

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