Bq003 - Sogand

Status: Available
Bq003 - Sogand
Bouquet with 16 white lipsticks

Size : 25 cm Width , 45 cm Height

Bq003- Sogand

Thanks to the calendars and the different occasions available, we do really have a

lot of occasions that we can share love and happiness with our dear and loved ones.

Be it mother's day, father's day, valentine's day, birthdays and anniversaries, and

even thanksgiving.

Paliz Flowers has been given the opportunity to be at your service and deliver love

and care in the language of flowers to your desired person on time on any occasion

that you want.

Today, we gift flowers to our loved ones and it is the best way by which we can

actually communicate and give love and emotions. It can even help in expressing

the ever-growing undying love and passion along with gratitude towards someone.

For centuries, roses have been known to be the flowers of love and it symbolizes

emotions that are deep and desires of one towards the other. Let me tell you that

even though the rose is considered to be the language of love, but this does not

simply mean that other flowers do not have the capability to express love and care.

We have seen all the girls and ladies love getting flowers and this is a great way to

remind them how beautiful and important they are for you and this also shows that

the person to whom you are sending the flower is in your mind.

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