Ar027 - Shakila

Status: Available
Ar027 - Shakila

Short base cherry with lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums and pistachios

Size : 30 cm Width , 80 cm Height


Just as not all human emotions are full of joy and happiness, flowers can also be used in ceremonies other than celebrations. We also have to deal with our negative emotions and deal with them. Emotions such as sadness, grief, and anger cannot be ignored. On the other hand, we should not leave them alone when our friends, family members, or partners experience such feelings.

The good news is that flowers, these beautiful and lovely creatures, are with us in these difficult life situations. The product you see in the picture is consisted of a vase with a short base cherry structure and contains flowers of lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, and pistachios. The extraordinary combination of colors of this vase bears a sense of calm to human beings. A look at this vase can remove any tension from the minds and hearts of your loved ones.

Lily flower This vase is involved in beautifying the interior of the house, which fills the human soul with positive energy by creating pleasant and relaxing feelings. The orchid flower, which is a symbol of innocence, respect, and purity, also plays the role of an organic sedative along with Lilium. Also in this vase, the spectacular combination of chrysanthemums and very special seagrass flowers should not be overlooked.

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