Ar026 - Shamim

Status: Available
Ar026 - Shamim

Cylindrical vase with spring flowers, carnations, chrysanthemums and lisianthus

Size : 40 cm Width , 70 cm Height


In spring, when nature becomes alive again, how does it feel to look at a plain full of flowers? The energy of looking at this scene is so positive and so satisfying that everyone subconsciously wants to remember this view forever. Of course, you can not bring home a field of spring flowers, but what about a pot of colorful flowers?

Spring is full of sweet memories for all human beings and especially for us Iranians in which we celebrate the New Year, which will stay in our memories forever. Give a gift of positive spring energy to your loved ones by gifting this lovely cylindrical vase filled with spring flowers, cloves, chrysanthemums, and lisianthus. The cheerful and energetic coloring of this product will create an exceptional sensation for the recipient.

The flagship of this vase is Lisianthus; A delicate yet durable flower that has high efficiency in decorations. Combined with chrysanthemums and cloves, this vase creates an image in your friends' minds that is always reminiscent of spring and will never be erased.


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