Ar025 - Shahrzad

Status: Available
Ar025 - Shahrzad

Cylindrical vase with anthurium, lilium, rose and chrysanthemum flowers

Size : 30 cm Width , 60 cm Height



Many believe that nothing in a house can deliver a positive feeling to the occupants of that house like flowers and plants. The inherent elegance and beauty of these creatures have caused people to receive a wave of positive energy just by staring at them. This is why many people, including women who care about decorating their home and living space, consider flowers and plants as the first priority of decorative items.

By looking at the image of this product, you can find a clear reason for choosing flowers as one of the most important decorative items in any home. After all, they are living beings, just like us humans and animals, and their presence in every home creates a sense of life. In this vase are crystal cylinders of Anthurium, Lilium, Rose, and Chrysanthemum flowers.

The unique color that can be seen in this vase is not only energizing for people but if we put it in harmony with other household items, the home environment will be happy and warm for its inhabitants. The spectacular petals of the anthurium double the beauty of the vase and make everyone happy. Lilium and rose flowers also add to its elegance and have made this vase a suitable gift for happy occasions.


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