Ar024 - Shahla

Status: Available
Ar024 - Shahla

Ceramic rectangular vase with Alstroemeria flowers, cloves and chrysanthemums

Size : 40 cm Width , 10 cm Height


There are several ways to get someone to smile. A funny recall of a sweet memory, telling a joke, or even just spending time with the people we love will undoubtedly bring us joy, but sometimes we may drift away from good feelings so much that we refuse even a simple smile. In this case, a basket of flowers can give us a smile more than anything.

A vase that is arranged with taste and tendency from the most beautiful flowers, gives a smile to the face of every human being without permission. So how much better to give this good feeling to those who have love in our hearts. The product you see in the picture may picture a painting palette in your mind, but no doubt this vase will have an effect beyond artificial colors. The arrangement of Alstroemeria, clove, and chrysanthemum flowers in this rectangular ceramic vase is done in the best possible way.

Putting these colorful flowers next to each other is not only eye-catching but will definitely bring a good scent. Give this spectacular vase as a gift to your friends so that the smile will never be erased from their faces.


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