Ar023 - Nila

Status: Available
Ar023 - Nila

Cubic glass vase with flowers of orchid, Rose and Chrysanthemum

Size : 20 cm Width , 25 cm Height


Flowers are perhaps the only creatures of God that can only be felt by looking at them. The tenderness that exists in only one branch of a flower has a great effect on the heart and soul of every human being and is unique. Share this inspiring effect with your loved ones by giving them a beautiful vase of orchids, roses, and chrysanthemums.

In this cube glass vase, three types of beautiful flowers are placed next to each other in the most harmonious way possible to convey the best feeling to the recipient of the vase on happy occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Matte lip rose is a symbol of purity and sincere love. The purple orchid is also a symbol of admiration and is used to respect others. Chrysanthemum is also a symbol of loyalty and pure love.

The extremely eye-catching combination of this vase makes it a very suitable option for home decoration. The combination of green colors of chrysanthemum buds, lipstick rose and purple orchid touches the human eye. This is what makes this vase attract everyone's attention in every house. By giving this vase as a gift in various celebration ceremonies, show your benevolence to your friends and wish them continued happiness.



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