Ar020 -Samira

Status: Available
Ar020 -Samira

Cylindrical vase with flowers of lilies, Denderbium orchids, Peony and Lisianthus

Size : 30 cm Width , 50 cm Height


Giving a gift to those we love not only strengthens the relationship that exists between us but ultimately renews their happiness as well as ourselves. But what should this gift be? What gift can carry our feelings and emotions to a friend in the best possible way, regardless of today's glamor? The answer to this question can be a simple but colorful vase.

This product has a cylindrical vase in which there is a sea of ​​happiness and various colors! The flowers of Lilium, Denderbium Orchid, Peony and Lisianthus, all together can give a special and stunning effect to your friend's house. Just like the sudden sight of a rainbow in the spring air, this beautiful vase creates the same feeling of joy and encouragement to see a rainbow in humans.

Lilium flower is a symbol of purity, humility, and decency and will convey our pure feelings to the recipient. Denderbium orchid, which is special and rare, is a symbol of pure love and affection. Peony is also associated with honor, wealth, and romantic love and is one of the most popular flowers in weddings. On the other hand, lisianthus is also a romantic flower, which makes it one of the best options for wedding greetings.


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