Ar018 - Soha

Status: Available
Ar018 - Soha

Cylindrical vase with colored Alstroemeria flowers

Size : 20 cm Width , 50 cm Height


In today's world where all of us are sinking in work, school, and ordinary life, dullness and a sense of neutrality are like poison. So how much better to break this boredom by giving a gift to a friend, family member, or loved one. In this case, flowers are a symbol of purity and beauty. This symbol has been used in the works of poets, writers, and illustrators throughout history.

In the product you see in the picture, a colorful collection of Alstroemeria flowers is displayed in a cylindrical vase. Alstroemeria flower is a luxury flower that is given as a valuable gift to people at posh gatherings. Different colors of Alstroemeria can have different meanings, but this flower is generally a symbol of wealth, happiness, and friendship.

Alstroemeria is a special and popular flower that has a long life. The presence of this stylish vase of Alstroemeria flowers in your friend's house will not only draw them out of the whirlpool of everyday life but will also give a stunning effect as decoration and design to their house. By giving this product, which is a luxury vase, as a gift, show your love and affection to others with the utmost respect and value.



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