Ar014 - Roosha

Status: Available
Ar014 - Roosha

Glass vase with chrysanthemums and cloves

Size : 25 cm Width , 45 cm Height


Sometimes in the life of all of us, negative thoughts take over our whole mind. We do not have the motivation to do things at this time, and it is even possible for our bitterness to spread to others. Imagine that one day this bad feeling and depression catches one of your friends and discourages them from doing their tasks. Certainly, no one likes to see their loved ones in this situation.

But how can you, as a friend, save your loved ones from this situation? A colorful vase is probably the simplest thing you can give to your friends. This gift may seem like a simple gift at first, but nothing beats a negative vase at the same time.

This product, which offers several branches of chrysanthemums and cloves in a glass vase, displays a combination of white, yellow, red, and purple colors. Chrysanthemums generally represent happiness, love, and longevity, and cloves extract the same concepts. This combination of various colors can undoubtedly change everyone's mood. Give this glass vase to your friends to keep any negative energy away from them.


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