Ar010 - Alice

Status: Available
Ar010 - Alice

Glass vase with lipstick rose

Size : 25cm Width , 25 cm Height


Giving a gift isn one of the most important and oldest features of relationships and interactions between different people. Offering gifts has been a tradition among human societies for a log time. But giving a gift does not have to be a special occasion, and the gift itself must be an expensive device. Sometimes a beautiful vase with a few rose flowers can have an effect that no other gift will have.

If you have been away from an old friend, a family member, or a loved one for a while, giving a gift show that you still value them and that you are still thinking about them, even though you are involved in the daily life of today. Among the different options for gifts, a gift vase looks quite special. Although the longevity of the flower is not long, the memory of receiving such a gift will forever remain in the heart and mind of your friend.

But in this particular product, the appearance of the glass vase, which resembles a fishbowl, doubles its beauty. Inside the bowl, the branches of the white rose with pink lips show themselves. This flower is one of the most beautiful types of roses and is considered a sign of appreciation, admiration, and elegance. The special appearance of this flower has made it very popular among women. Engrave lasting memories in the minds of your friends by giving this beautiful product as a gift.



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