Ar009 - Eva

Status: Available
Ar009 - Eva

Ceramic vase with white and pink roses

Size : 20 cm Width , 40 cm Height


A stylish ceramic vase with white and pink roses is a very romantic and luxurious gift for congratulating celebrations and weddings or birthdays. The special beauty of this product arouses everyone's emotions.

One single branch of a flower alone can be the demonstration of the highest level of beauty in the world. Now imagine how the arrangement of several flowers next to each other, especially if they are in perfect harmony in appearance and color, will make a person who watches it feel. This beautiful ceramic vase that presents two types of rose flowers together will be a completely romantic gift for the recipient. Both the vase and the rose petals next to the leaves are perfectly matched in color and watching it will give the viewer a sense of calm.

As can be seen in the picture of this product, inside a white ceramic vase, pink and white rose flowers are placed. The lower part of the flowers is also covered with lovely green leaves. The white rose is a symbol of purity and innocence, and the pink rose is a symbol of gratitude, praise, and happiness. The rose alone is a romantic gift and in this stylish and lovely vase, the combination of two colors of pink and white with the rose together, gives a special soothing beauty to this product.


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