Ar008 - Ruby

Status: Available
Ar008 - Ruby

Tall cylindrical vase with lilies and roses

Size : 40 cm Width , 100 cm Height


To praise and thank a friend, memorable gifts such as a cylindrical vase are a great option. Show your gratitude for a friend's efforts by presenting this tall vase, which grows up to one meter tall with lilies and roses, as a gift, and continue your friendship.

The rose flowers in this cylindrical vase prove your love and affection. The rose has long been a symbol of heartfelt love and affection, and in addition to what has been said, the white rose precisely means purity and grace. Combining these roses with lilies in a tall cylindrical vase makes it a lovely and memorable gift for the recipient.

As mentioned, in addition to roses, lilies are also placed in this vase to surprise the recipient in harmony with the roses. The combination of lilies with roses will make the person who receives this gift not get tired of looking at it, and also the scent of flowers will inspire a sense of vitality and happiness in them. Prove your gratitude by giving this cylindrical vase to someone whose love is rooted in your heart.

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