insta 560

Status: Available
insta 560

Metal bucket with 60 branches of red roses and miniature roses

Size : 35 cm Width , 70 cm Height



Have you ever been worried about how to send love and affection to your loved

ones being far from you? Are you confused as to what to gift so that the receiver

will love it and it will be a good choice?

Ever thought of sending flowers? Yes! You heard it right. Flowers are capable of

speaking more than thousands of words. It can speak the unspoken words and even

express how you feel about someone be it your wife, mother, girlfriend, or even a

close friend.

The metal bucket decorated with 60 branches of the miniature as well as red roses

is the best to be gifted. Red rose itself represents love and care, it has been present

since the 17


century during the era of Queen Victoria. And ever since, we gift and

send flowers in small bouquets to express love.

Got any occasions coming up? Thinking about how you can send flowers if you

are not within the boundaries of Iran? You have nothing to worry about. Choose

the type of flower you desire to be sent to your dear one, enter the correct date and

day and place your order. Paliz Flowers gives you a guarantee of on-time delivery

and fresh flowers to the doorstep of the receiver without any delay.

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