insta 497

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insta 497

White Orchid plant in a ceramic pot

Size : 40 cm Width , 60cm Height


Flowers themselves represent love, healing, hope, care, and emotions. So far we

have been using flowers to communicate messages as well as feelings. Sometimes

flowers are capable of representing and even reminding a memory and they can

even represent each and every occasion differently.

If we go back in history, we can see that the traditional gifting of the flower started

back in the middle age and it was very famous among the French and British

people and now it has come down to us. The main important reason behind gifting

flowers is that they have been evolved and they have been initially used to express

love for each other.

Flowers are a beautiful addition to the house. The beautiful white orchid is planted

in a good ceramic pot and it is a great idea to be gifted to someone. It can be a

long-term guest in the house of the receiver and can give a new look and

atmosphere to the house.

If you are looking for a great gift to be able to keep for a longer period of time

compared to other bouquets, then this beautiful orchid is the best option.

Order now and give a new atmosphere and look to the house of the special one.

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