Vanda- Bs067

Status: Available
Vanda- Bs067

Wicker basket with 30 white rose branches

Size : 50 cm Width , 40 cm Height

Bs067- Vanda

Flowers can be small and big, the bouquets can be heavy and light, the number of

roses can be huge or few. All these do not matter only if they are sent and given

with ample love and care.

One of the biggest reasons we normally gift flowers especially roses is that it has

the power to connect with the person's emotions. It can be love, happiness, joy,

sympathy, or can even act as a great way to show how sorry you are while you


It is a language that can show the deepest feelings in a very elegant manner for the

person whom you sent. This beautiful wicker basket that consists of 30 beautiful

branches of roses is a great way to convey all that stated above to the one you

wish. We don't always need occasions and reasons to send or gift flowers. Flowers

are meant to spread happiness, and we don't need reasons to make people happy.

The feeling of receiving the flowers is heavenly, but what is beyond this feeling is

the ability to show someone what you feel for them. The flower will be kept with

them and will act as a decoration as well for weeks.

By sending flowers, you don't only send a beautiful creation of nature, but you

send unspoken words, unshared feelings, and unlimited love.

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