Ar071 - Khavin

Status: Available
Ar071 - Khavin

Leather vase with roses, miniature roses and chrysanthemums

Size : 20 cm Width , 40 cm Height

Throughout history, white has always been in contrast with black. White has always been a symbol of good and black has always been a symbol of evil. The paintings also portray negative characters in dark clothes and positive and spiritual characters in white clothes. Even in literature around the world, the night with its darkness has always been pregnant with bitter and ominous events and a symbol of suffocation, and the morning light is considered a symbol of victory and salvation.

White is a symbol of brightness and purity. For this reason, at weddings, the theme of the assembly is often white. Also, wedding dresses around the world are usually sewn in white. A beautiful and stylish leather vase with white roses, miniature white roses, and green chrysanthemums is one of the best options for wedding greetings. This beautiful and eye-catching vase can even become one of the beautiful decorations in the new home of the bride and groom.

The white rose is usually a symbol of purity, purity, and decency and is used to wish happiness and prosperity in the bouquet. This flower is also semantically associated with pristine love and eternal loyalty. So wish a happy and lasting life together by giving this vase as a gift to those of your newlywed friends.

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