Ar070 - Davin

Status: Available
Ar070 - Davin

Glass vase with lilium, anthurium and lisianthus flowers

Size : 30 cm Width , 70 cm Height

It will be very difficult for any human being to lose a family member or a close friend. Coping with the loss of someone who is no longer with us takes time, and the mourner should not be pressured to return to normal. What a mourner needs in this situation is only sympathy and companionship with them to get through this situation. A mourner should be understood and we should not be upset by pressuring them to forget their grief.

When one of our friends is grieving the loss of a loved one, we should provide him with a calm atmosphere with our actions and professions, not cause him more suffering. But what is the best way to relieve pain and express sympathy with friends in mourning? What can comfort them a little in the funeral home and relieve any stress and pressure from our mourning friends? This is where the delicacy of a flower manifests itself in the saddest human condition.

The white color of the flowers, as a symbol of purity and decency, can relieve the mourners with their neutral and soothing charge in the pots that are dedicated to mourning ceremonies. The product you see in the picture consists of a glass vase with flowers of lilies, anthuriums, and lisianthus, all of which are white. The white color of the flowers makes this vase also a suitable gift for funerals.

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