Ar069 - Chiako

Status: Available
Ar069 - Chiako

Frosted white glass vase with lilies and Alstroemeria flowers

Size : 20 cm Width , 60 cm Height


Achieving great accomplishments in education or career requires a lot of effort. A person who sets different goals for himself and spares no effort to achieve them will not only see the result of his efforts but also a positive sense of achieving his goal will be sent to those around him. Surely, such a person deserves respect and congratulations from others. Certainly, you also have friends and acquaintances around you who have dedicated themselves to their goals and have seen the results. What gift do you have in mind to congratulate this group of your loved ones?

Flowers can have different meanings. Not only is each type of flower a symbol of a particular group of human emotions, but each color of a particular flower can also have a specific meaning. For example, the white lily flower is a symbol of decency, innocence, purity, and humility. Alstroemeria flowers also generally refer to concepts such as wealth, happiness, luck, and friendship. Now imagine the combination of these two types of flowers in a stylish white vase, how does it feel inside the receiver?

Give this beautiful vase a wonderful combination of white lilies and purple alstroemeria as a gift to your friends and congratulate them on their success.

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