Ar067 - Amyar

Status: Available
Ar067 - Amyar

Glass vase with spring chrysanthemums, cloves and resiniators

Size : 20 cm Width , 40 cm Height

There is no need for a special occasion in the calendar to make another person happy. We do not have to wait for a special celebration to give a gift to someone we love. It is an indescribable pleasure to surprise and surprise our loved ones. By doing this, we will not only spend happy moments with these people but also show them that we always remember them and that their presence in our lives is valuable and cherished.

On the other hand, to surprise someone we love, we do not necessarily have to buy an expensive and modern gift. The spiritual value of a small gift that is an embodiment of our inner emotions can be far greater than modern, glamorous devices that will one day lose their effectiveness. What is the best option for a compact but memorable gift? It is better to look around. What is God's creature that energizes and caresses our souls?

Flowers are the best representative of the deep human emotions and feelings with their inner beauty that nothing can harm. This narrow glass vase containing miniature chrysanthemums, cloves, and roses acts like a box of natural crayons and sprays its exceptional colors into our lives.

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