Ar065 - Aritma

Status: Available
Ar065 - Aritma

Cylindrical glass vase with spring flowers and lilies

Size : 20 cm Width , 50cm Height


The arrival of spring has always been of special importance to us Iranians. The coincidence of the New Year with the rebirth of nature gives a different color and smell to the life of all of us. On the other hand, there is an unwritten tradition among Iranians. Putting colorful and lively flowers on the Haftsin table is one of the special New Year rituals. These flowers, with their beauty and delicacy and their happy colors, promise us a year full of good things.

Now imagine that for whatever reason you can not be with your friends and loved ones at the time of the New Year and not only miss the New Year celebration but also you can not wish your loved one's happiness and joy in the new year. But just as flowers are an important part of the Haft sin table, they can fill your void with their inherent beauty.

Aritma glass cylindrical vase with a beautiful and eye-catching combination of spring flowers and lilies reminds everyone of the renewal of nature in spring. Give this beautiful product with pink lilies as a symbol of happiness along with colorful spring flowers to your friends to become an integral part of their Haftsin table.

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