Ar063 - Arena

Status: Available
Ar063 - Arena

Leather vase with red roses

Size : 20 cm Width , 40 cm Height


Have you fallen in love with someone and do not know how to express your feelings to them? Is it your wedding anniversary and you do not know what gift to buy for your spouse? Or do you have no plans for Valentine's Day? It is in such situations that flocks can become your savior. A red rose with a long history as a romantic gift is the most dreamy gift for many women on various occasions, but some men are unaware of how much a simple flower can affect their relationship.

Wherever there is speak of love and affection, the name red rose is mentioned. In ancient Greek mythology, the red rose flowed from the tears shed by a goddess for her lover. This narration alone is enough to determine the pure importance of the rose. Whatever your love message, you should know that the red rose will be the perfect embodiment of this message. The Arena vase that you see in the picture will be delivered to the person you want in the same way.

Although we will never advise you to use gifts instead of expressing your love, you should know that by giving this romantic vase as a gift, you will take a big step in your relationship. It is better to practice saying the phrase "I love you" at the same time as giving this vase to your love from now on!

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