Ar061 - Himo

Status: Available
Ar061 - Himo

Cylindrical vase with lris 

Size : 20 cm Width , 40 cm Height


A significant part of life is grief caused by tragedies and failures. In such difficult situations in life, escaping from negative emotions is of no use, and it is only by facing these emotions that one can overcome the difficult stages of life. How can we overcome the suffering, unhappiness, and anxiety we endure in failure? What can comfort us in difficult times?

It should be said that even in difficult periods of life, the beauty and elegance of a flower help us. Flowers, in addition to being joyful, are also able to bring peace to humans and the home environment in the right situation. A beautiful Himo cylindrical vase filled with white lily is one of these valuable gifts. The white lily in particular is a symbol of innocence and purity, and its cool color can be soothing to any human being experiencing rough moments.

This vase, despite its neutral and uniform color, has a special beauty and will even be used in home decoration. If you feel that one of your loved ones needs comfort and you can not be with him, give his life faith and hope by giving this special vase as a gift.

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