Ar057 - Tarlan

Status: Available
Ar057 - Tarlan

Cube ceramic vase with colored freesia flowers

Size : 20 cm Width , 30 cm Height


For any occasion you can imagine, flowers are one of the most suitable types of gifts. The special beauty and tenderness of these beautiful creatures will penetrate the heart of every creature. Watching a flower can create a feeling of warmth, energy, and love in the human heart. Different types of flowers with different colors can be used for different ceremonies and occasions. From mourning to weddings, flowers can connect the deep feelings of human beings in any ceremony.

Among the various types of flowers, some are new even to people who love flowers. Freesia flower, which is actually a type of lily, is one of the most unique types of flowers that show a wide range of colors and aromas. Its beautiful colors dazzle everyone's eyes and the fragrant fragrance has made this flower to be used in the perfume industry as well.

The product you see in the beautiful image is a cube ceramic vase of different types of freesia. Just like sunlight depicting different colors after passing through a prism, this product, thanks to the beauty of freesia, is a sea of ​​natural colors that caress the human soul. Warm their homes by giving this stunning vase as a gift to your friends and loved ones.

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