Ar055 - Rozhan

Status: Available
Ar055 - Rozhan

Glass vase with lilies and Alstroemeria flowers

Size : 20 cm Width , 50 cm Height


Giving and giving gifts to others is one of the oldest customs of human societies. Throughout history, human beings have given different gifts to each other under different pretexts and on different occasions, but among all these gifts, flowers are considered as the most spiritual offering among human beings. The value of flowers is high because the elegance and beauty of a flower branch are a symbol of pure human emotions.

Humans share their deepest feelings by flowering each other. The simple and harmonious combination of flowers in a simple vase has become a valuable gift nowadays. The product you see in the picture is a glass gorge with pink lilies and Alstroemeria flowers. This vase can become a pleasant surprise due to its special and pleasant color.

Pink lilies are used as a symbol of happiness, bliss, love, and admiration. Lilium is one of the flowers suitable for weddings. In addition to Lilium, white Alstroemeria is also used in this pot. The bright color of Alstroemeria is a symbol of purity and honesty that also has high durability. The combination of these two flowers makes this product a suitable choice for the wedding anniversary. You can also give this vase as a gift to your loved ones to show your honesty and friendship.

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