Ar053 - dayan

Status: Available
Ar053 - dayan
Glass rectangular vase with colored roses

Size : 40 cm Width , 20 cm Height

We have all experienced love in our lives and know that one of the best ways to express love and affection to others is to give a rose. Now, if you have to buy roses, you must have noticed that roses are not just red and there are different colors of them. At first glance, you might think that this difference in colors is not very serious and its choice is related to taste, but the truth is that each particular color of rose has its own meaning.

Roses are generally a symbol of love and affection, but each color has a special meaning that indicates the type and quality of special feelings and emotions. In this product, which has a glass and rectangular vase, you will see a diverse range of roses. For example, the red rose is a symbol of mystical and romantic love. Pink roses are used for gratitude, and pale pink roses are also a symbol of sympathy.

White rose, which has the concept of purity and purity, is the best choice for birthdays and weddings. Purple rose is also a symbol of love at a glance and yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and importance. If you have someone in your life who loves rose flowers, this vase will be the best gift for him.

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