Ar052 - Chiman

Status: Available
Ar052 - Chiman

Vase with base with lilies, anthuriums and orchids

Size : 20 cm Width , 50 cm Height


Complexity will not always be attractive to everyone. During the day, a small event or a simple sentence may change a person's bad mood and clear negative thoughts from the mind. Just like the simple and very short sentence "I love you", there are some gifts that, with all their simplicity, send the expression of love and devotion of one person to others in the best possible way.

The vase you see in the picture is decorated in the simplest possible way, but the effect that this vase has on the person receiving it is not comparable to any glamorous gift today. In this glass vase, orchid and Lilium flowers are arranged next to each other with unique taste and in the most harmonious way possible, which has created a combination that will never be forgotten, both visually and in terms of the aroma of the vase.

The white orchid flower is a symbol of purity, purity, and dignity, and this makes it a suitable option for a birthday gift. Combined with Lilium flowers, which evoke a sense of humility and decency in a living person, this low-cost vase becomes a suitable gift for women. Give this vase to the women of your life and show how important they are to you.

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