Ar051 - Oynar

Status: Available
Ar051 - Oynar

Cube ceramic vase with red theme and flowers of anthurium, Alstroemeria, rose and gerbera

Size : 30 cm Width , 50 cm Height

It is said that luck only happens once in a lifetime, but if you ask lovers, this is the only true love that can happen only once in everyone's life. There is no doubt that it will be very difficult to express love, a love that is burning and exciting, but it is better to be ready for this moment because when the taste of true love is tasted, its taste will never be forgotten by a human being.

To express love and affection, a flower can do the greatest help to a man. Now imagine how much an incredibly beautiful and romantic vase with a red theme will represent your fiery love in the heart of your lover. This ceramic vase, although small, is filled with red flowers to send your love to your loved one with all its meaning. Anthurium, Alstroemeria, and Gerbera flowers are placed in this pot.

The red color of these flowers has made Oynar vase a perfect and romantic gift for romantic appointments, Valentine's Day, and also wedding anniversary. Strengthen the foundations of your romantic relationship by giving this vase as a gift and make a romantic day for each other.

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