Ar050 - Hilan

Status: Available
Ar050 - Hilan

Glass vase with roses, orchids and green chrysanthemums

Size : 30 cm Width , 30 cm Height

Various occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Teacher's Day, as well as the birthday of loved ones, are among the events that are very important to pay attention to in life. Congratulating the person on these days will not only strengthen the relationship between us and gain trust, but will also create a good feeling in the hearts of others. But is it possible to end a happy occasion without giving a gift? A special gift that the recipient is thrilled with every time they see it has a high spiritual value.

The product pictured above is a small, compact glass vase that offers a simple but beautiful combination of roses, dendrobium orchids, and miniature chrysanthemums. The rose is a symbol of love and affection and the purple orchid is a symbol of excellence and admiration. These beautiful flowers in combination with the whole miniature chrysanthemum, which has a green color, will create a happy and lively appearance in the vase.

The color of this vase has been chosen with a special taste, and this is why watching it at any hour of the day will caress the human soul. Give this small and lovely glass vase as a gift to your spouse as well as your parents on special occasions to let them know about your love.

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