Ar049 - Houma

Status: Available
Ar049 - Houma

Cube glass vase with mulberry and freesia flowers

Size : 20 cm Width , 30 cm Height

Giving and receiving gifts happens many times in each person's life. From birth to old age, a human being will deal with a variety of gifts. The occasion of receiving these gifts, as well as the nature of the gift itself, is what makes a gift stay in the mind forever. Surely, a gift that is chosen regardless of the interests and tastes of others and does not have the necessary attractiveness visually and aesthetically will not attract the attention of our loved ones.

But a vase full of flowers is a unique gift that will never be forgotten. Now, if the vase itself is filled with extraordinary flowers that are unique in appearance and have a pleasant aroma, the recipient will never forget its image and scent. The cube glass vase you see in the picture is filled with freesia and mulberry flowers, which are two of the most special flowers available in florists.

Native to South Africa, freesia flowers have enchanting colors and fragrant scents, which makes them a good choice for decorating a home. This flower is also a symbol of trust and honesty, and its combination with special flowers of anemone, which are a symbol of endurance and excitement, makes this vase an unforgettable gift for those who are interested in keeping flowers and plants.

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