Ar047 - Hana

Status: Available
Ar047 - Hana

Cube glass vase with lilies, roses and Alstroemeria flowers

Size : 25 cm Width , 25 cm Height

We all have friends we grew up with as children, we were together during school, and together we became adults. Our common memories with these friends will remain in our minds forever and the events of their lives are always of special importance to us, but now we are away from them for reasons such as education or work and we may not be able to attend to important and happy events in their lives such as wedding ceremony.

How can we compensate for our absence friend at a friends' wedding? What gift can not only send our congratulating message to this friend in the best possible way and represent us in the ceremony but also keep our memory alive in his heart? A cube glass vase with lilies, roses, and Alstroemeria flowers will be a great option for congratulating a bridegroom.

The white Lilium flower, which is a symbol of purity and decency, is a suitable option for a wedding bouquet. The purple alstroemeria, which evokes beauty and fidelity, and the rose are a clear symbol of love. So, by giving this flower as a gift in happy ceremonies, send your congratulatory message to your loved ones.

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