Ar043 - Vian

Status: Available
Ar043 - Vian

Long base vase with pink miniature roses

Size : 30 cm Width , 100 cm Height

Each of us will meet countless human beings during our lifetime. There are a small number of them who may be in contact with us at important times in our lives, and among these limited numbers, there are a few who are of great value for us, regardless of the type of relationship. These few are with us at all stages of life and never leave us alone in sorrow and joy. There are many ways to appreciate these people, which may be the best way to donate a luxury vase.

The Vian vase you see in the picture consists of a tall base cherry that holds 10 bouquets of miniature roses. Miniature roses are very long-lasting and, unlike ordinary roses in cold climates, have a relatively long lifespan. In this stylish and luxurious vase, pink miniature roses are placed next to each other in the most beautiful way possible.

On the other hand, the pink color of miniature roses is the best possible choice for this vase. In miniature roses, the color pink symbolizes appreciation, admiration, gratitude, and respect. By ordering this beautiful and stunning vase, which you will receive exactly the same model as in the picture, you can show your respect and interest to the important people in your life and strengthen the relationship between them.

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