Ar042 - Parzhin

Status: Available
Ar042 - Parzhin

Round ceramic vase with orchids and lilies

Size : 40 cm Width , 60 cm Height


Our relationships are not limited to the people we love. There is also some relationships that are formed based on our work environment, place of residence, or place of study. These people may not have a deep relationship with us, but they are important to us and we need to pay attention to them. One way to express interest in this group of people around us is to give gifts, but what kind of gift is suitable for people with whom we do not have much intimacy?

Perhaps one of the best options for giving a gift to co-workers or neighbors is a simple and beautiful vase. Imagine one of your co-workers has just gotten a better job position or your neighbor is in trouble. In this situation, a beautiful vase can not only send your message of congratulations and energy to the recipient but also evoke a sense of respect and admiration on the other side.

This vase, which is actually a beautiful white ceramic vase, contains a spectacular combination of orchid and Lilium flowers. The sight of this fresh and lively vase in which the branches of the purple orchid and the lily are placed next to each other with extraordinary order and harmony will delight everyone.

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