Ar041 - Aso

Status: Available
Ar041 - Aso

Glass vase with lilium and lisianthus flowers

Size : 25 cm Width , 50 cm Height


Life goes on at all times and in all circumstances. Just like a river that does not stop, there is no stop to the dynamism of life. So we should use all our energy in life and never stop moving forward because stopping in today's competitive world is costly. But where do we get the energy for this move forward?

A simple and beautiful pot more powerful than any stimulus can provide you with energy at the beginning of a busy day. Flowers with their magical colors as well as their intoxicating scent can transfer high positive energy to others. So why do we withhold this positive energy from our friends and loved ones? The beautiful vase you see in the picture is presented in the form of a glass jar and is decorated with Lilium and lisianthus flowers.

 The Lilium flower in this vase is a symbol of happiness and bliss, whose unique color evokes excitement and excitement in the recipient. Combining it with the beautiful and popular lisianthus flower, which is a symbol of innocence and purity and stands out in white in this vase, makes this product a suitable gift for a wedding celebration.


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