Ar038 - Hizhan

Status: Available
Ar038 - Hizhan

Long base vase with lilies and orchids

Size : 30 cm Width , 100 cm Height



Every couple's wedding and celebration is perhaps the most important celebration of their life. There will be many events in this important celebration, all of which will later become memories. But now we want to ask you the question, what is the most important wedding decoration used for? First of all, these are the flowers that can dazzle everyone at a wedding. Sometimes a wedding dress is even inspired by a flower and designed in harmony with it.

Obviously, different gifts are given to the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony, and among these, flowers are among the most important gifts of this memorable night. The wedding flower should not only carry the message of your happy wish for the bride and groom but also dazzle the eyes. The magnificent vase you see in the picture is in fact a stylish and luxurious tall vase with an eye-catching combination of lilies and orchids.

Lilium used in this bouquet is white, which is a symbol of purity and decency. The purple orchid is also a symbol of respect and admiration, which depicts a beautiful color scheme along with white lilies. By giving this beautiful vase as a gift at the wedding of acquaintances, you will remain in their memory forever.

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